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Sa paper (also known as Mulberry paper) is a uniquely colorful product of Thai Lanna which has become a popular souvenir for Thai and international tourists visiting Chiang Mai. There are variety of applications of Sa paper, from making artificial flowers, through wedding dresses, to gift wrapping boxes, and cards.

In the past, the common usage of Sa paper was for notebooks called "Pub Sa". Pub Sa is rectangular, folded to the sides and can write on both sides. Pub Sa makes a cover book with paintings or sealing with gold plate to make it look great, use for notes, chants, Buddhist texts and spells. It can be stored for hundreds of years without breaking the dry frame. Insects do not like to eat the material, therefore the color and content of the article can be preserved for a long time. In addition, Sa paper can be used to make a flag to offer on Loy Krathong day or to stick on the sand pagoda in Songkran festival.

The history of the Sa paper is linked to the history of the Lanna people, who have been influenced by the handmade paper from China and have passed down their methods for generations. “Ban Ton Pao” is a famous source of Sa paper in Chiang Mai and has the wisdom of hundred years from the Tai people. It is the ancestors of Ton Pao people who migrated from Sipsongpanna to Chiang Tung and Chiang Rung.

In ancient times, the people of Ban Ton Pao in Lanna are agricultural workers and their secondary occupation in their free time is making Sa paper (making Sa pulp to sheet paper). Their products were used in the annual religious and household ceremonies. On these occasions, Sa paper is used to writing to the talisman, wrapping gifts, and making artificial flowers for decoration.

Production of Sa paper in Ban Ton Pao has traveled through several eras from secondary occupations towards becoming a major occupation. When foreign visitors started to pay attention and look for products made from nature, making Sa paper became a viable occupation for local people.

Ton Pao Village is well known as a traditional handmade mulberry paper mill in Chiang Mai and also as a place that values the conservation of traditional knowledge of making Sa paper. They have won numerous awards, “Product Design” and “Development and Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Awards”. Ton Pao Village is producing Ss paper to generate income for the community.

There have 3 groups in this community.

    1. Sales department is includingmembers are living on both sides of the road to the village will be a shop to display mulberry paperproducts.They do receive orders and contact customers.
    2. Production is including the members are living in the village. They will get orders from the first group to producing such as paper making, product making, tinting, screen and creative products.
    3. Line production/subcontractor is including another part of members and daily hire or subcontractor from other area around village.
Hence Ton Pao Village, San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai is one of the main locations of traditional mulberry papermaking and products in Thailand. Tourists can learn how to make traditional mulberry paper and get inexpensive products.

Sa paper farm app

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Learn how to make “Sa” craft paper from the experts at Ton Pao Village in Chiangmai, Thailand with this augmented reality (AR) experience! (Note: you need to visit Ton Pao Village to access the AR features of the application.)

Use the application to explore Sa Paper Farm and learn about the 5 steps of “Sa” paper production, starting from the raw mulberry bark. If you can follow the process and answer the questions correctly then you will receive a souvenir at Sa Paper Farm. Enjoy your search!

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Sa paper group Ban Ton Pao

Contact for information and Activity book :

No.18, Moo 1,
Ton Pao, San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai 50130

Mr. Wijit Yinang Vijit_paperfarm@hotmail.com


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Natural Material and Fibre Section, Division of Engineering Materials

75/7 Rama VI Road,
Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

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